The Axon Midi System


The Axon AX 100 midi system by Blue Chip is a break through in guitar synth technology. Previously it was impossible to control midi equipment using a bass because of the slow response and unreliability of tracking at low frequencies. Blue chip have addressed this with a revolutionary approach using Neural Networks which actually learn the individuals playing style. The result is fast accurate tracking even with five string basses. At Sei Bass we have realised the potential of this system and can even install the required technology into our instruments. This is done by using a Piezo bridge and a small circuit board which can be housed in the electronics compartment. We believe this is a more stable and permanent solution which gives at least equal if not better tracking than the plethora of stick on pickups etc. Again, we believe in flexibility and the systems can be configured to the individuals preference.
Sei Flamboyant 5 string with Piezo bridge and internal midi circuit.

This connects to the external Axon unit via a 13 pin cable, which can also carry the conventional magnetic circuit output.

The back of the axon unit has a guitar output as well as a synth output, for direct connection to amplifiers.

Note that the Piezo bridge can be used in the standard audio mode too.

The internal sounds of the axon can be edited by a home computer aswell as by the unit itself. This makes the whole process much easier and quicker.

As the internal soundboard is made by Yamaha, the technical support is excellent. Yamaha have a very large site dedicated to this, with sounds, editors, manuals etc. The best editor is XGEDIT:


sei bass, london, custom bass, uk luthier uk
sei bass, london, custom bass, uk luthier uk
sei bass
Visit the Blue Chip web page.

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