Sei Millenium Bass
-10th Aniversary of

Sei Bass

- 4 / 5 / 6 Strings

- Headed

- Custom Shape

- 35" Scale

- Maple / Ebony F.board

- Custom Electronics

- Piezo Bridge

- Custom Hardware

- Choice of Facings

-5A Timbers

- LEDs

- Lifetime Warranty

- Limited Edition

- only ten will be made


sei bass
sei bass
sei bass
The Sei Millenium bass is a celebration of ten years of Sei Bass. Like all Sei Basses it is a unique, and all of its components are the best available. It includes options unavailable to other Sei Bass models, and will be one of only ten. The price of these unique basses is £3500
sei bass
sei bass
sei bass london